Which Female Star was Chosen as the Ideal Woman for College Men?

Community portal site DC Inside conducted a survey from June 5-12 which asked netizens, “Which female star has the ideal image for college men?” In the poll it was Taeyeon who came out on top.

The survey brought in a total of 26,436 votes. Out of the total number of votes 9,020 (34.1%) were in support of Girls’ Generation‘s  Taeyeon. It was her singing skills in conjunction with her pretty features, that she is capable of charming men and melting fans hearts. Not only that but she has a pure image reminiscent of the girl-next-door. All of these characteristics made her a strong contender.

Coming in second place with 26.7% of votes was actress Lee Yeon Hee. Through her portrayals in movies such as “Hello Schoolgirl” and “My Love” she had established an innocent image of a girl who would be someone’s first love. Her role in the SBS cyber-police crime drama action series “Ghost” displayed a new, refreshing image.

Third place was awarded to fellow Girls’ Generation member Seohyun who received 17.8% of total votes. Seohyun was chosen because of her relaxed lifestyle, sincere personality, freshness, and innocent image which all makes up the reasons why she is the beloved youngest member of the group. She is able to have fun thus many felt she would enjoy (as well as make enjoyable) college life.

Rounding out the top spots were girl group KARA’s Goo Hara, Miss A’s Suzy, and singer IU. Do you agree with the public’s choices? Who would you have chosen as your ideal girl?