After School’s Teaser Group Shot for “Flashback” Brings Speculations for New Leader

A series of incredibly sexy teaser photos of After School for their 5th maxi-single, “Flashback” have been recently released. Upon the recent news of former leader Kahi‘s “graduation” from the group, netizens are speculating who will be the next to lead the group.

Previously After School released a teaser image of the group. Netizens were keen to notice that Nana had different colored heels than everyone else. They pointed out that former leader Kahi had a different color marching drum during their “Bang!” promotions and wondered that perhaps this meant Nana was the new leader.

However, other netizens expressed doubt as they said, “That’s not enough evidence,” and “Guessing is taboo.”

On June 13, Pledis Entertainment spoke with My Daily and said, “It is true that a certain member has been chosen as the new leader. However, we will not reveal this news at this time. The new leader of After School will be revealed on their comeback day, June 20.”

After School will be coming back with “Flashback” on June 20 after about a year of absence.