Temperatures Rise with After School’s New Teaser Images for Nana and Raina

The temperature continues to rise as Pledis Entertainment unleashes two new teaser images of Nana and Raina for their upcoming maxi-single, “Flashback.”

Teaser images for Lizzy, Uee and Jung Ah have been released so far. The incredibly sexy images are exciting fans everywhere.

In these recently released teasers, Nana is holding a squatting pose with one hand on her face, giving a seductive look. The pose shows off her lean and shapely legs as well as her sexy body line. Raina is sitting on a stool, which emphasizes her mile-long legs. Raina also has a coy and alluring expression, which can be seen as both girlish and sexy.

“Flashback” is set to be released on June 20. Stay tuned for more releases of After School’s teaser images!