Changmin of 2AM Shows Off His Newly Ripped Body

2AM’s Changmin greets the summer after successfully completing his diet. To celebrate, he shared a few photos with the netizens, revealing his transformation. Changmin updated his Twitter with the following post, “I did my best, and I stuck to the diet tips. I’m finished with my diet, welcome summer!” Along with the message he uploaded the following pictures.

The photos were taken at the gym, after completing his diet regimen, where Changmin revealed his new body to the world. In the first photo, Changmin posed with both hands placed on his head to show off his toned body. Most noticeable was his perfect six-pack and bulging chest muscles. He appeared to be rugged as he exuded an air of strong masculinity. Soon after, he made a follow-up post which read, “I finished my photo shoot for ‘High-Cut’ magazine. Oh, I can’t stand it anymore. Man, isn’t bread so delicious? I am the happiest person in the world right now!”

In the next photo Changmin revealed himself happily smiling as he devoured the bread. He had controlled his eating as he stuck to his diet for a whole year.

Netizens responded saying, “Oppa! You’re inhaling that bread,” “You’ve inspired me to work hard,” “Isn’t it difficult to exercise,” “This body didn’t know better,” and “Well you were able to get into shape so you deserve to eat bread.”