miss A Suzy Shamelessly (?) Promotes “Big”

miss A’s Suzy shamelessly (?) promoted the drama she is appearing in, “Big” through a picture of her “Touch” performance days. We mean “Touch” as in miss A’s “Touch.

Suzy tweeted on June 13, “Are you saying, this was when we did touch, Mary? Jang Mary? Oing Jang Ma Ri.”

(The first Korean phrase “are you saying” sounds like Maria. Also, Jang Ma Ri is the name of Suzy’s character on “Big.”)

In the picture, Suzy is showing off her beautiful long hair and smiling brightly. She is wearing a one-piece dress.

Netizens that have come across the picture stated, “She has a doll-like beauty,” “Singing and acting she is good at everything,” and “I am having fun watching Big.”