T-ara’s 8th Member Areum Noticed for Vocal Talent since High School

T-ara‘s newest addition, 8th member Areum has been gaining much public interest for coming from a background of high achievement even before she’s had a chance to perform with the likes of her T-ara seniors. Areum attended Seoul Hanlim Academy for the Fine Arts and was noticed among faculty and students there for her superior singing abilities. She was ranked at the top of her graduating senior year class just this past year. Areum’s agency confirmed this detail and described her as a talented high school graduate who will be lending not only her vocal talent but other skills to T-ara as their 8th member.

Netizens who came across this enlightening piece of information about T-ara’s 8th member responded with, “I wonder if she will be showing us her amazing vocals anytime soon?”, “I anticipate to see great things from her”, “I guess she can sing” and “Wow, she’s already getting noticed for her talents?”

Areum’s first official appearance will be at T-ara’s official fan club launching even for “Queen’s” on July 14. She will also be performing with T-ara for their first solo concert in Seoul on August 11. Her official photo will be posted online June 14.