Sistar’s Hyorin Wants to Get Plastic Surgery

During yesterday’s episode of MBC’sGolden Fishery – Radio Star,” Sistar’s Hyorin revealed that she considered getting plastic surgery before her debut. She started, “I went to three different hospitals for plastic surgery consultation before my debut. In the end, I couldn’t get the work done.”

Regarding her broad forehead, Hyorin stated, “Once I get prettier with the help of medicine, I will sweep my bangs back.” When asked where she wanted to get work done, she answered, “Everywhere. However, our company won’t let us get plastic surgery.”

Determined to go through with plastic surgery, she visited various clinics. Hyorin explained, “I wanted to look prettier for my debut, so I went to three hospitals. They were three different hospitals, but they all said the same thing. My current features balance each other, but if I were to change one, I would have to change ten other features. They told me to be satisfied with my face as is.”