INFINITE Reveals How They Feel Winning #1

INFINITE shared recently their feelings on their first win for a music show on the broadcast of TV Choseon “Celebrity Corner in TV the TREND” interview.

The members of INFINITE unanimously agreed, “We never expected to win, so when we did we were shocked and many tears of joy were shed. Dong Woo especially let his tears flow without trying to stop them.” Dong Woo whole-heartedly agreed saying, “I was so emotional from our win, I cried to the point where I think it embarrassed others. Even our fans jokingly called me a bit of a crybaby” causing everyone to laugh in acknowledgement.

As a pledge to their fans if they won first place, INFINITE was supposed to perform a dance move from Baek Ji Young‘s “Good Boy” called the “oo jjoo jjoo jjoo dance”, which is an aegyo dance that caught on fire quickly since the music video’s launch. However the winning moment caught them by surprise, and they could only reveal their sincere emotions on stage.

To make up for it, without any hesitation INFINITE danced the “oo jjoo jjoo jjoo dance” in a lively and cute fashion during the interview for their fans.

This 1st place win has been especially sweet for the members of INFINITE, who debuted 2 years ago. The interview will broadcast on June 16.