BoA Reveals Her Latest Crush

On June 13, BoA revealed her latest crush, actor Son Hyun Joo from SBS’s latest Monday-Tuesday night drama “The Chaser.” She tweeted, “There’s a new man who has stolen my heart! It’s Son Hyun Joo sunbaenim! Wow…Truly the best!” Earlier that morning, BoA also expressed that she is a fan of kdramas, arousing much interest as to what series the singer was currently watching.

Meanwhile, Son Hyun Joo is receiving raving reviews through his latest role as Baek Hong Suk, a detective who uncovers the truth behind his daughter’s death. He then begins to plot his revenge against the man who killed his daughter, favored presidential candidate Kang Dong Yoon (Kim Sang Joong).

Netizens who have come across BoA’s tweet commented, “I’ve been engrossed with Son Hyun Joo in ‘The Chaser’ as well,” “We’re watching the same dramas,” “So that’s what BoA’s watching,” “BoA should make a cameo in ‘The Chaser,’” and more.