G-Dragon and Taeyang Take a Picture with Jung Hyung Don’s Japanese Doppelganger?

On June 14, Big Bang’s G-Dragon posted an interesting picture on his me2day. His me2day read, “Hyung Don hyung, are you seeing this? A Japanese broadcast station staff! So surprising! Doesn’t he look like you?” The picture shows the staff member who looks like Jung Hyung Don making a three-fingered victory sign with G-Dragon.

Taeyang also posted his own picture on twitter. He tweeted, “I met Hyung Don hyung in Japan.” The two are shown again making a victory sign.

Netizens who came across the picture commented, “They are so alike. It gives me goose bumps,” “isn’t that really Jung Hyung Don?” and “I thought it was Jung Hyung Don with a bit more weight.”

Currently Big Bang is in the midst of their world tour concert in Japan.