Wonder Girls Featured on Grammy’s Home Page

Wonder Girls was featured on the official homepage of Grammy Awards. The very first main page of Grammy.com shows a picture of Wonder Girls members Yubin, Hyelim, and Sun Ye in various neon color outfits, dancing their signature “Crab Leg” dance. The caption explains, “Wonder Girls show you how to do it like this during a performance on MBC ‘Show Champion‘ on June 12 in Seoul, South Korea.”

When excited Wonder Girls fans all around the world found out about Wonder Girls’ appearance on Grammy.com, they rushed to the website to comment. Fans wrote, “I love Wonder Girls. They finally made it to the Grammy’s website!” “A true world star status, this is so cool,” and “Spread the wonder!” Wonder Girls released new mini album “Wonder Party” on June 3 and started their promotional cycle of “Like This” in Korea.