Young Rookie Actress Jung Ah Yool Commits Suicide

Rookie actress Jung Ah Yool (age 25) has recently passed away by committing suicide. Her last words through Facebook shed a sad light on her difficult life.

On June 10, Jung Ah Yool posted on her Facebook, “I woke up this morning and opened my eyes and I felt like I was standing alone in a desert… I’ve been taking care of myself since I was 19 years old but suddenly… in my room, where I have no place to rely…”

Again on June 11, she posted, “Nothing can comfort me,” expressing her troubled thoughts.

Jung Ah Yool was discovered in her home on June 12. Police are currently investigating the cause of death but they report that it is most likely a case of suicide.

Jung Ah Yool was in the cast for KBS2’s morning drama, “Love Love.” However, with KBS labor union complications, Jung Ah Yool’s contract was delayed and hence her payments were pushed back as well. A source revealed that “Jung Ah Yool had been having financial troubles of the late,” and “was very nervous about the future.”

Korea has the leading rates of suicide and celebrity suicide cases are not uncommon. Celebrities committed suicide include Park Yong Ha, Choi Jin Sil, Lee Eun Joo, Jung Da Bin, former president Roh Moo Hyun and more.