Lee Hyori Finds Photo of Soonshim Before Adoption

On June 15, Lee Hyori posted a past photo of her dog, Soonshim, accompanied by the tweet, “Found out Soonshim’s past on the internet. Came into a shelter by the East Sea in 2010…”

The posted photo was of an old flyer looking for the owner of the abandoned dog, with a photo of Soonshim looking much more rugged and scruffy than today.  The end of the text reads, “He was wearing a collar.  He is big, and is…three years old.”

Lee Hyori adopted Soonshim from the shelter in December, 2010.  At the time, she explained that she adopted Soonshim because “among the hundreds of abandoned dogs, Soonshim was the one my heart was drawn to.” Thanks to Lee Hyori’s avid campaigning for animal protection, Soonshim is now almost as famous as her owner.

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