Soompi Top Comments (June 9 – 15)

Another week of comments! Despite claims of Soompi losing its edge or commenting users becoming more atrocious, I can’t help but enjoy going through the comments of the articles. It’s very therapeutic until I read a hateful comment that causes a knee-jerk reaction.

Comment #1

JYJ’s Kim Jae joong Held Hostage?!

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong Held Hostage?!

A picture was shown of JYJ’s Jae Joong held hostage. Hotshotlover30 reported that the picture is from “Dr. Jin” and commenters disagreed.

Usually regarding hotshotlover30 articles I would side with commenters, but it seems like this time around that was actually at the set of “Dr. Jin.” I checked the sources and there isn’t much information sadly.

I also liked the nosebleed comments.

Comment #2

Girls’ Generation Releases MV and Dance Ver. MV for “Paparazzi”


Comment #3

Jo Kwon Unleashes Dark Teaser Images for Upcoming Solo Album

<3 usually, I pride myself in being very creative when describing sexual things or when I spit out profanity. However, “jizzing rainbows” is something I have never thought of.

Comment #4

SISTAR’s Hyorin Prefers Being Nude and Wishes for Plastic Surgery

SISTAR’s Hyorin likes to walk around nude. Spiktavo thinks she is very tasty…

Spiktavo to eres muy Creepie!

Comment #5

2PM and miss A’s Suzy Show Off Perfect Summer Bodies in New Caribbean Bay CF

wOaH HaVen’T SeEn SoMeOnE dO tHiS iN a wHiLe, iS iT bAcK?

Comment #6

Netizens Curious about Mystery Boy Hugging Girls’ Generation Member

f(x) Amber hugs Girls’ Generation Seohyun, now Amber is “Coming Out.” 0_O

Comment #7

Kara’s “Sad Face” Photos Show They Are Beautiful Even When Frowning

Kara makes duck faces and one Soompi user makes a candid point. Actually, that’s just the way Korean articles are written, when we translate the phrase it becomes “garnering a lot of attention,” “gaining attention,” and “a lot of interest.

How does this article make you feel?