Ghosts Live in Dalmation’s Dormitory?

Recently Dalmatian stated that a ghost is living in their dormitory to the surprise of many. They appeared on the JTBC’s “Entertainment Spotlights.” The show was looking into the “Ghost Experience Marketing” that becomes numerous in the summer. Dalmatian gave their experience on the show.

For the recording Dalmatian stated, “When we are in the dormitory we see male ghosts or hear the cries of children. I left the television on and slept on the sofa in the living room, while sleeping I opened my eyes and a ghost was staring down at me from the ceiling. I was so surprised that I couldn’t fall back to sleep, but the ghost disappeared the moment our manager came in.”

The show actually called a Korean exorcist, and the exorcist stated that there was a boy ghost and a grandmother ghost in the dormitory.