Key Gives His Support to f(x) by Wearing a Horse Mask?

When f(x) first released their group teaser image for “Electric Shock,” it really gave people shock because all of the members were shown wearing horse, deer, giraffe, ram, and tiger masks.

SHINee’s Key decided to play on that teaser and support f(x) in his very own way.

He wrote on his official me2day on June 14, “The horse mask of f(x)’s reinforcement Kim Key. I completely understood their album concept. Hahahahaha.”

In the two pictures featuring Key in his horse mask, he is shown with a white horse head mask holding the new f(x) “Electric Shock” album.

Netizens that have come across the picture stated, “Even though I can’t see Key’s face I can still feel his entity,” “It’s good to see the two groups cheer each other on,” and “I hope SHINee and f(x) are both successful.”