Ivy Releases MV Teaser for OST song “Good Person”

The teaser video of Ivy‘s “Good Person,” which is featured in SBS “The Chaser” as the main theme song. “Good Person” is of ballad genre and it presents a beautiful harmony between IVY’s sweet and mellow voice and the grand orchestra sound. The revealed teaser video shows that Ivy’s vocal abilities have not been lost even after the long break she took from her singing career.

The teaser video of “Good Person” features scenes of the main character Bae Hong Suk (played by Son Hyun Joo) from SBS “The Chaser.” The sad melody of the song combined with the tragic story of a grieving father after losing his daughter unjustly draws people into the video as well as the song instantly. “Good Person” sung by Ivy for SBS “The Chaser” will be officially released on June 19 on all major music streaming websites.