The “Jo Kwon Effect” in the Hallyu Wave

On June 15, on SBS’ most recent episode of “Go Show,” MC Go Hyun Jung stated, “Jo Kwon’s name is starting to become a new trend at Ehwa Women’s University. At this university, the Biotechnology professor recently wrote a column about the ‘Jo Kwon Effect’.”

The “Jo Kwon Effect,” is a term coined by Behavioral Science Professor Choi Jae Chun of Ehwa Women’s University. This column describes how “Jo Kwon is a crucial element for the success of the Hallyu Wave. This 2AM member endured 2567 days of training. As a result, he is successful because he overcame those days of hardship.”

When Jo Kwon heard about this “Jo Kwon Effect,” on the show, he almost cried. He states. “Whenever I go on talk shows, people always tell me to stop talking about my trainee days. They don’t want to hear anymore.”

Jo Kwon explains, “ I had no choice practicing that many days because I spent 10 years of my teenage life as a trainee. I have nothing about my school life to talk about. I auditioned when I was in 6th grade, and I never dreamed it would take this long for me to debut.”