Girls’ Generation Tiffany Mistakenly Calls Infinite as “7 Girls”
On Saturday’s broadcast of MBC “Music Core,” male group Infinite performed their title track “The Chaser” for the audience members and viewers watching at home.

As Infinite was getting ready for their performance on stage, MC Girls’ Generation members Tiffany, Taeyeon and Seohyun introduced them.

Tiffany made a cute mistake when she asked the viewers to anticipate a sizzling performance by “The seven girls” onstage. Tiffany had meant to say “boys'” but forgot to pronounce the single letter that distinguishes the word “boys” from “girls” in Korean. Upon realizing her error, Tiffany could only laugh from embarrassment as Seohyun quickly salvaged the situation by asking the viewers to enjoy the next stage put on by “the seven boys of Infinite.”

Check out the cute MC segment and Infinite’s performance below!