After School’s Jooyeon Is Smoking Hot and Outshines Uee

After School’s Jooyeon revealed a picture where she literally outshines Uee! Jooyeon tweeted on June 17, “The After School encore concert will begin soon in Japan!!^^ Also we are coming back next week!! I hope you anticipate it, sorry to Uee who is next to me keke.”

Both Uee and Jooyeon are shown wearing their stage outfits and posing together. Both of them look lovely with their lithe bodies. Jooyeon is shown with a fierce expression that shows off her confidence. Uee’s face is photoshopped with a “Happy” covering her.

Netizens that have come across the picture stated, “Unni I hope you have a good concert,” “Unni you look so pretty,” and “Uee I’m sorry I could not protect you.”

After School’s encore concert was held on June 17. They will release their 5th single on June 21.