After School Kahi Sheds Tears for Final After School Concert

After School had their final Japanese concert on June 17. This concert was an encore concert and it was the final one that Kahi would participate in as an After School member. Kahi announced that she would pursue solo activities. Kahi used to be the team leader, and her attitude for the final concert was different from the other members.

In order to show her best performance, Kahi barely slept because of practicing late into the night all the time. Finally as the encore concert came to a close, Kahi shed tears.

After School’s agency PLEDIS stated, “During this concert, Kahi’s solo performance shined even more because of the hard work and passion she put into it.”

After the concert Kahi stated, “It was an encore concert where I gave my all and now I have no regrets. I was happy to be able to be on stage as After School’s leader, after I graduate I will show you a Kahi that has improved and developed more.”