MMA Fighter Choo Sung Hoon (Akiyama) Stirs Up Dokdo Controversy

On June 17, mixed martial artist, Choo Sung Hoon (Yoshihiro Akiyama), tweeted “Dokdo belongs to everyone,” stirring up the Dokdo controversy among netizens.

In response to his tweet, a Japanese Twitterer tweeted back, “Between Korea and Japan, who’s territory do you think Dokdo is?”  To which Choo answered back, “That’s a tough question. Personally, it wasn’t anyone’s to begin with so wouldn’t it be everyone’s?”

Choo is a Japanese-Korean. While both his parents are Korean, he gave up his Korean citizenship and has built his career under his Japanese citizenship.  As his wife is also Japanese, the Dokdo controversy can only be a sensitive topic for him.  His comments put him on the chopping block among Korean netizens who are still very sensitive to the Dokdo issue.

Netizens commented, “Dokdo is Korean territory and that is the truth,” “disappointing,” and “that’s a sensible answer to a mean-spirited question.”