Rainbow’s Jaekyung Shows Off Beauty on Bed

Rainbow’s Jaekyung does not disappoint once again with a beautiful picture! She showed off her doll-like beauty with a Selca (Picture taken by oneself) taken in bed. (This seems to be called a “Bed Selca”)

Jaekyung wrote on her me2day on June 17, “I too… wanted to take a bed Selca for once.” In the picture Jaekyung is shown with her long wavy hair and shows off her doll-like beauty. The picture looks like it is either snowing or sparkles are flying around.

Netizens that have come across the picture stated, “Her beauty is something that would come out of a comic book,” “Is she an actual human being?” “She is the owner of an innocent-princess-like beauty,” and “It looks like a doll is lying down.”