YG Entertainment: “Yoo In Na Will Personally Address her Relationship with Ji Hyun Woo”

As reported earlier, Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na were caught on a date near Yoo In Na’s home this past weekend. The news comes ten days after Ji Hyun Woo’s shocking public confession to his “Queen In Hyun’s Man” co-star, drawing even more attention.

A representative of Yoo In Na’s management agency, YG Entertainment, announced, “After an internal meeting, we have decided that it is only right for Yoo In Na to personally address her relationship with Ji Hyun Woo. It is a personal matter. As such, there will be no official statement from the agency. Instead, Yoo In Na will express her thoughts on her personal SNS channels.”

Likewise, Ji Hyun Woo’s agency also stated, “As of now, we will not be releasing an official statement on behalf of the company.”