Who Wore It Better: Sohee vs. IU vs. Krystal

Recently, Krystal from f(x), Sohee from Wonder Girls, and IU all appeared on stage wearing the same shorts.

On June 17, f(x) appeared on SBS’s “Inkigayo” to make a comeback with their new songs, “Jet” and “Electric Shock.

During their charismatic “Electric Shock” performance, Krystal was seen wearing a green top along with the shorts that both IU and Sohee wore recently.

This garnered a lot of attention due to recent appearances of IU and Sohee wearing the exact  same shorts with a slightly different color tone. Also, it seems like Krystal’s shorts were cut shorter to enhance Krystal’s lower body line.

Meanwhile, after f(x)’s comeback, many fans were shocked to see Krystal thinner than ever before.

So this brings us to the most important questions: Who do you think wore it better?