Big Bang’s Concert Tickets Sold for over 1 Million Won ($1000)

Recently, the police caught two Japanese men for selling Big Bang‘s concert tickets for a price much higher than the listed price.

On June 18, Sankei Sports published an article regarding this topic with the title, “Two Men Arrested for Ticket Scalping.” According to the article, the two men were arrested on June 17 after illegally reselling Big Bang’s concert tickets at a higher price . The men are currently under investigation. On June 17, these men sold the tickets at Saitama Super Arena that’s near Saitama Omiya Station.

It was revealed that these men bought the tickets for approximately $130 and sold them for $1030. Apparently, one man has pled guilty, while the other is disagreeing with the charges.

Big Bang is currently running their Japanese Tour, which is expected draw over 250,000 fans in total. They’ve been traveling Nagoya, Yokohama, Osaka, and Saitama since May, and will perform in Fukuoka next week.