The Effect of Eun Ji Won in Advertisements? $10 Million in Sales

Eun Ji Won helped the KRT travel agency increase their sales by 30$, their yearly sales totaled a whopping $10 million. Eun Ji Won is the exclusive model of the KRT travel agency, and he signed with them in November of 2011.

What is the reason behind Eun Ji Won’s “effect?” It appears that Eun Ji Won’s appearance on “1 Night 2 Days” have made viewers associate him with travelling. To help out the travel agency, whenever there would be a new travelling package Eun Ji Won would tweet about it.

Eun Ji Won stated, “After becoming a model for the agency I tried to help out in any way I could besides the actual advertisements. I feel like this is meaningful, a company doing well after using me as a model. I will try my best so that the advertisements I appear in are interesting and fun.”