Hyun Woo Is Yoo In Na’s “WGM” Virtual Husband?!

After getting caught during their secret midnight stroll, Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na have been the talk of the town. The buzz surrounding their off-screen relationship further piqued netizens’ interest in Yoo In Na’s possible appearance on MBC’sWe Got Married.” According to several local media, Yoo In Na was cast in the popular series earlier this year. She and her make-believe husband were supposed to replace Park So Hyun and Kim Won Joon as the new older wife-younger husband couple once “We Got Married” resumed its broadcast. Many any netizens have been expressing their curiosity as to who was cast as Yoo In Na’s virtual husband.

Earlier today, many local media reported that singer-actor Hyun Woo had been cast as Yoo In Na’s “significant other” in the reality show. Coincidentally, Yoo In Na’s alleged boyfriend and her supposed husband share the same name. However, Hyun Woo’s management agency denied the reports. A representative of Sidus HQ stated, “Hyun Woo received ‘WGM’ casting offers since 2010. However, we had to push those plans back due to scheduling conflicts. We have not been in contact with them since MBC’s ongoing strike.” He continued, “This is also our first time hearing about the pairing with Yoo In Na. Even Hyun Woo asked, ‘Was my partner really Yoo In Na?’ Nothing had been confirmed with us.”