missA’s Suzy Shows Off Hip Hop Moves

A clip of missA’s Suzy during her middle school years was revealed on the “Made In” segment of the June 16 broadcast of “Celebrities in TV – the TREND.”

Suzy pulled off the hip hop look to the T, wearing baggy jeans and a green Celtics jersey. People have been noticing her signature innocent looks despite her hip hop getup.

Her trainer commented that “she is the type to go to the convenience store between schedules and eat a lot of gimbap and snacks,” continuing with, “she has the body type that eats well, exercises well, and is strong.”

Netizens who saw the clip commented, “there was nothing humiliating about her middle school days either,” “was she a hip hop girl during her middle school days,” and “our Suzy was beautiful even during middle school~.”

Suzy is currently starring in KBS drama “Big” as Jang Mari alongside Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung.