Super Junior’s Siwon Reveals His Hidden Son?

Super Junior’s Siwon tweeted a surprise message on June 17 that almost threw his fans into pandemonium.

He started with a peaceful message that said, “After filming the MV all night, finally I’m heading home^^ This time in Seoul, I think I stayed in Seoul for less than 6 hours^^ It’s a busy schedule where I have to pack and leave again, but the early morning breeze is better than ever^^ good morning world :).”

But he followed it up with a rather shocking tweet that said, “For that matter, I’m introducing my son^^ aigoo, when I look at him, he has a dark future ahead.. @AllRiseSilver he looks just like you^^.”

In the accompanying Polaroid picture, you could see a baby crawling on the floor with a crying expression. However, if you look closely, the Polaroid is a photoshopped picture of Eunhyuk in a baby’s body, allowing the millions of Siwon followers to breathe a sigh of relief.

In response, however, Eunhyuk only sent a brief message that said, “He’s going to become famous.”

Netizens commented, “Don’t make fun of my Eunhyuk,” “No, Siwon, you need my baby,” and “Who did you sleep with?!”