T-ara’s Soyeon Supports My Name on Twitter

On June 17, T-ara‘s Soyeon posted on Twitter, “I like My Name‘s ‘Hello and Goodbye.'” Soon after her initial post, she tweeted again, “Oh my god, I didn’t even recognize my own classmate. Fighting My Name. I like it.” She was referring to My Name’s In Soo, when she said “classmate.” Both Soyeon and In Soo went to Anyang Arts High School. Soyeon majored in theater and film while In Soo majored in dance.

Soyeon added on twitter, “It makes me feel good that I’m reuniting with my friends whom I spent my school days with in the same place together. A few months ago, I spotted a new rookie group with exceptional talent and have been listening to their new song. I thought I saw a familiar face, but I didn’t think of it much. I just thought that he’s standing out because he’s that good at what he does, but it turns out that we went to school together.”

Netizens commented on Soyeon’s open support of My Name, “Soyeon’s such a loyal friend,” “My Name, supported by T-ara, will make it big,” and “I really like the new song, ‘Hello and Goodbye!'”

Check out the music video of My Name “Hello and Goodbye” below!