f(x)’s Amber: “I Am Not a Guy”

After a long one year hiatus, the ladies of f(x) have finally made their comeback with the mini-album, “Electric Shock.” Not long ago, f(x) was featured on the Mnet TV show “Mnet Wide Open Studio.”

The ladies enjoyed their time back in the studio where they revealed some behind-the-scenes information.

Amber shared something that had been bothering her for some time, “I’ve always been called ‘Amber the boy’ and though I act and look like one, I am definitely not a boy.” The show’s MC then added; “Now everyone knows the truth.”

Member Luna then spoke saying, “There is a game on the Internet called ‘Luna’ which is just like my name, so when you try to search for me instead the game comes up,” she laughed as she told her story.

Next Victoria shared her interesting story, “I too have something similar to this. When people try to search for ‘Victoria’ the results they are met with are ‘Pregnant Victoria’ but that is Victoria Beckham who is pregnant not me. So when people see me they ask, ‘Is Victoria pregnant,’” Which caused the studio to burst out in laughter.

Currently, f(x) is busy promoting their brand new mini-album, “Electric Shock” on music shows.