Lee Jang Woo Captured on the Streets of Seoul

Recently on an online community forum, a couple snapshots of Lee Jang Woo appeared with the title, “‘I Do’ Lee Jang Woo Captured?” In the revealed pictures, Lee Jang Woo is wondering around the streets, looking far out into distance. Even in this quick snapshot and without any graphical assistance from Photoshop, he is still tall and handsome, almost too tall and handsome to be real.

In another picture, Lee Jang Woo is sitting down, looking to his side. He seems to be buried in his own thoughts. Anyone could easily believe that this picture is from a page of a fashion magazine. Even the dim street lights and busy signs could not conceal Lee Jang Woo’s natural good looks.

Netizens commented, “He’s still really tall in this random street photo,” “I’m so into him, I want to see him in real life, too.” and “He probably looks handsome in real life, too.” Currently, Lee Jang Woo is starring in MBC “I Do, I Do” as Park Tae Gang, a shameless flirt and yet irresistibly attractive young bachelor.