Yoo In Na calls Ji Hyun Woo “Yoo In Na’s Man”

Actress Yoo In Na finally confirmed her relationship with “Queen In Hyun’s Man” co-star Ji Hyun Woo. On June 18, Yoo In Na started out her radio show “Yoo In Na’s Raise the Volume” by saying, “There’s something I would like to tell on ‘Raise the Volume’ tonight.”

She seemed cautious, “I wanted to tell everyone when I’m ready, but there has been way too many guesses and assumptions about the situation.” She started explaining the beginning of her and Ji Hyun Woo’s fresh relationship, “First of all, I figured out my feelings for Ji Hyun Woo during ‘Queen In Hyun’s Man.’ But I didn’t want my real-life feelings to interfere with my character in the show. So I told Ji Hyun Woo that I would like to wait it out until the drama is over, and he waited.”

She continued, “And that big thing (Ji Hyun Woo’s public love confession) happened. Ji Hyun Woo told me that he’s never been greedy or needy in his life, not even to his own mother. But for the first time, he wanted this so badly and he did not want to lose me. All of his words seemed very sincere and I was so thankful. I knew this would affect both of our careers, so I wanted to be cautious and I was maybe a little confused, too. I wondered, ‘Do I deserve this?’ Without any certainties, everything would get so hard in terms of my career, life, and everything. So I thought about it deep and hard for the past ten days and reached the conclusion. We decided to just focus on our own feelings. I called him two days ago to meet up. We took a long walk at a park and I told him ‘Since ‘Queen In Hyun’s Man’ is over, let’s do ‘Yoo In Na’s Man’ now.”

Yoo In Na’s final confirmation of her relationship with Ji Hyun Woo came after almost two weeks since Ji Hyun Woo surprised everyone with his love confession at “Queen In Hyun’s Man” fan event. He stated, “I truly love Yoo In Na.” Since the two seemed to have a great chemistry all throughout filming “Queen In Hyun’s Man,” people started guessing the nature of their relationship and many rumors started. Neither parties released any official follow-up statements and Ji Hyun Woo’s confession seemed to be just a happening. However on June 18, paparazzi shots of Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo holding hands and looking like a couple were released. Right after the release of these photos, Yoo In Na’s agency YG Entertainment announced, “Yoo In Na will talk about it on her radio show.”