Boyfriend Holds Guerilla Showcase for “Love Style” in Seoul

On June 17, Boyfriend appeared on Kangnam M Stage for their first mini album “Love Style” come back guerilla showcase in Seoul. Their appearance instantly grabbed hundreds of citizens and fans attention. Boyfriend’s agency Starship Entertainment stated that everyone welcomed Boyfriend’s comeback and guerilla showcase with open arms.

Boyfriend performed their new title song “Love Style” and “Rain Shower” from their upcoming mini album, followed by previous hit songs “Don’t Touch My Girl” and “I’ll be there.” Starship Entertainment commented, “We planned Boyfriend’s guerilla showcase to thank all the fans and to approach citizens of Seoul.”

Netizens commented, “Flower boys Boyfriend took over Kangnam!” “I love the new song,” “I want to see them in person, I bet they are all really good looking. The visual terminator, Boyfriend.” and “As an idol group, they must have felt pressured to execute a guerilla concert. I’m so touched by their effort.”