Han Chae Young Snaps Photo with Jung Il Woo in China

Actors Han Chae Young and Jung Il Woo showed off their friendship during a Chinese awards ceremony.

On June 16, Han Chae Young posted on her Weibo, “It was great seeing you in China,” along with a photo.

In the photo, Han Chae Young and Jung Il Woo are sitting next to each other with bright smiles. Han Chae Young is sporting a yellow, halter-neck cocktail dress, which emphasized her shoulder line and her collarbones. Jung Il Woo donned a funky tuxedo while making a V sign.

Both actors were attending the 18th Shanghai TV Festival. Jung Il Woo also received a silver medal for “The Moon That Embraces The Sun” at a previous event.

Netizens commented, “These two actors are difficult to see even in Korea but they are seen in China,” “Han Chae Young is seriously pretty,” “The two of them should act as lovers in an upcoming project!” and many more.