After School’s UEE Shares Unusual Sleeping Habit

After School’s UEE unveiled her worries regarding her strange sleeping habit.

UEE appeared on the latest broadcast of KBS 2TV’s talk show, “Hello,” along with Cho Young Soo2BiC, and others.

During the episode when asked about their recent concerns UEE confessed, “We travel a lot by airplanes, when I get tired, I take my sunglasses off when I go to sleep. But somehow my eyes tend to stay half-open even while I am sleeping.”

Fellow After School member Raina verified UEE’s story by explaining that she literally sleeps with her eyes half-open.

UEE shared that she was worried that someone would attempt to photograph her as she slept making for a very awkward picture. She then acted out what such a photo would look like if she were caught portraying what she thought she looked like when she slept. Things were only made worse when E-Young added, “Unnie, you need to make your eyes open wider!” UEE became extremely embarrassed and worried.

Host Shin Dong Yup reassured UEE that fans would understand if they saw her in this situation since she had shared her fears with the public.