Wonder Girls So Hee Turns the Road to Music Bank Into a Runway

Sohee of the Wonder Girls was caught on camera on her way to “Music Bank.” Her fashion and beautiful legs caught the attention of Netizens and fans alike. On June 15 an online community board posted the picture with the title, “Sohee in Normal Clothes, On Her Way to Music Bank.”

In the picture it shows Sohee wearing sunglasses with her long hair put down. She is wearing shown wearing a matching t-shirt and hot pants that have a unique pattern.

Netizens that have come across the picture stated, “Sohee’s fashion sense is amazing,” “Even on her way to ‘Music Bank’ Sohee shines,” “I think Sohee’s fashion is getting better by the day,” and “Sohee turned the road to ‘Music Bank’ into a runway.”

The Wonder Girls recently released their mini album “Wonder Party” on June 3 and are promoting the hit title single “Like This.”