Wonder Girls to Hold Flash Mob Event

On June 24, a flash mob event will be held for Wonder Girls‘ “Like This” at Yeongdeungpo Times Square Atrium in Korea. This event will create a place for all participants to enjoy the “Like This” dance with the Wonder Girls. People who want to attend the event, whether male or female, just need to show up at the location of the event.

A representative of JYP Entertainment said, “This summer, we are carrying out a flash mob event where the fans can enjoy the fun dance with the Wonder Girls. We hope that many people will participate and have a fun time with the girls.”

Also, the news of them planning to have a Wonder Girls’ “Like This” Flash Mob Festival is gaining attention.

“Like This” Flash Mob Festival will be made from accepted YouTube videos that were made and uploaded by fans. The videos need to show people copying the flash mob that shows up in the music video of “Like This.” The last day to submit the videos is June 25. If you want to send your video in, send an email to wglikethis@gmail.com and make sure to put “[Like this]” in the subject line. Also, include your name and location of where you live in the email.

There will be 10 videos selected from Korea and 10 from overseas. Winners in Korea will get the chance to make a video with the Wonder Girls in the practice room at the JYP Center. They will be dancing the “Like This” dance together. The video will be uploaded onto the main page of the Wonder Girls’ official YouTube channel. On the other hand, the winners who are overseas will each receive an autographed CD from the Wonder Girls.

As much as it’s a chance for the Wonder Girls and the fans to meet closely, the interest towards the flash mob event is hot at the moment.