Kwak Hyun Hwa Starts Controversy with Her Banana Eating Picture

The comedian/singer Kwak Hyun Hwa has once again caused controversy. In the past, she posed half-naked in order to promote voting in South Korea. Recently, she caused a ruckus with a picture where she is eating a banana.

Back in February Kwak Hyun Hwa put up a picture of her eating a banana. One individual commented, “Honestly this girl. I don’t know why she posts these kind of pictures. Kwak Hyun Hwa, she used to be a comedian and now publicizes herself by taking off her clothes. I always think that she has a weird sense of ‘common sense.’ Although she does have a killer body. However, even her body I don’t want to see sometimes, it makes me disgusted and also feel dirty.”

Kwak Hyun Hwa replied, “Hello? I am Kwak Hyun Hwa. What is wrong with this picture? How do you eat bananas, how can I eat the banana in a way that does not seem dirty. Whenever I eat food my eyes become like that. Also, when you eat don’t you use your teeth or tongue? I am curious so please tell me.”

She continued, “Even when I wear the same one-piece dress as somebody else, they say I look sexier. When people say I look sexy I don’t mind it. I take it as a compliment. I don’t want to say anything about that. That’s whatever you feel, and you are free to feel what you want to. However, I don’t think it is right if you take that and try to start a witch hunt with me.”

On June 18 she brought up the incident through twitter again, “When I put up the banana picture I knew that there would be people like this, also I knew that it might follow me around for the rest of my life. However, I hate people who talk without knowing the situation. Do you eat bananas with your nose? Damnit. I had to reply because I felt so stifled.”

What do you think, is her banana picture too much?