Moon Chae Won’s Airport Fashion Looks Pleasantly Plain

The Princess’s Man’sMoon Chae Won is heating up the internet with her latest airport fashion. Recently, a fan shared photos of the actress on an online community, writing, “Moon Chae Won-sshi. You must be tired from all of your promotional work. It was nice meeting you.”

Moon Chae Won displayed a pleasantly plain look, a rare sight in today’s celeb airport fashion. She wore a simple grey sweater and jeans, going for comfort more than style. Her slightly disheveled hair and no make up face was a fresh change from the unnaturally fashionable airport styles shown by other celebrities.

Netizens commented, “So unlike other celebrities,” “She looks pretty no matter what she wears,” “That’s more like it. We all know celebs that they change out of their ‘airport fashion’ once they board the plane. It’s such a waste,” “She’s so down to earth,” and more.

Meanwhile, Moon Chae Won has selected KBS’sNice Guy,” co-starring Song Joong Ki, Lee Kwang Soo, and Park Shi Yeon, as her next project. “Nice Guy” is a melodrama about a man who had been betrayed and hurt by the woman he loves. As a result, he becomes a womanizer, using several women to seek revenge against her. The upcoming series is aiming for an August premiere.