4minute’s Heo Ga Yoon Reveals Airport Fashion Tips and Insecurity with Her Thin Ankles

4minute Heo Ga Yoon revealed how much she prepares in advance for airport fashion. As many Soompi readers already know, airport fashion is a big deal in South Korea with the paparazzi often taking photos of celebrities leaving for other countries.

Heo Ga Yoon appeared on the “Desired Style” corner of cable channel OnStyle’s “Style Log: Weekly.” She explained her unique styling know-how in preparation of going to the airport.

She stated, “Airport fashion has to be comfortable and match with items that have an accent. Despite the fact that you wear comfortable shoes, it is a good idea to match it with a t-shirt with a fancy print, and big sunglasses. Also, don’t only buy something just because it is a designer label look for rare items that are not imported frequently into South Korea.”

Heo Ga Yoon also explained that she is insecure about her thin ankles. Then she stated, “My final goal is to become a muse for designers such as Alexa Chung. I hope that someday I will have a collaboration item created with a fashion designer that has my name on it. I will continue to try so please watch my progress.”

The episode of “Style Log: Weekly” featuring Heo Ga Yoon will broadcast on OnStyle June 19.