Girls’ Generation’s Yuri: “I’ve Gained a Lot of Ahjumma Fans through ‘Fashion King’”

Girls’ Generation recently shot a spread for the July issue of @star1. The shoot took place at the posh district of Cheongdam, using Tory Burch’s flagship store, 10 Corso Como, and other boutiques as its backdrop. Four members of Girls’ Generation participated in the photoshoot, including Yuri, Jessica, Sooyoung, and Seohyun. Each member wore clothes and accessories that they personally like, emphasizing their individual styles. Yuri, who successfully wrapped her first drama as one of the leads, attracted envious looks with a simple top and shorts.

Regarding her drama, “Fashion King,” Yuri explained, “This was practically my first time acting, and it was a lot harder than I imagined. Honestly, it was hard, but I also felt so much joy [acting].” She continued, “One thing that changed since I appeared in ‘Fashion King’ is that a lot more middle-aged men and women recognize me. A lot of people at restaurants, and even the streets, recognize me as Yuri from ‘Fashion King.’ It’s very interesting. I’ve finally realized the power of dramas.” Yuri added, “I hope I get more opportunities to act. I would like to continue challenging myself through acting.”

Meanwhile, the July issue of @star1, featuring the Cheongdam date with Girls’ Generation, will be available on June 21. Check out Seohyun’s spread here!