“City Hunter’s” Lee Min Ho Gets Ready to Time Travel

Lee Min Ho is getting ready to bend time and space in upcoming series “Faith,” co-starring Kim Hee Sun. Earlier today, the actor updated fans with a tweet and selcs. He wrote, “From the present to the past. From the past to the present. It’s crazy,” and attached two photos of himself getting into his latest character.

In the photo on the right, Lee Min Ho is dressed in modern clothes, with a simple tee and blazer. On the left, he’s seen in a traditional warrior’s garb with his hair loosely tied. Both photos are displayed his left side profile; and netizens were drawn to his sharp nose, slim jaw, and dark eyebrows.

Netizens commented, “I can’t wait to see Lee Min Ho in his new drama,” “He is absolutely handsome,” “Hwaiting Lee Min Ho,” “Totally watching ‘Faith’ for Lee Min Ho,” and more.

“Faith” is another time-warping, historical fusion drama where a female plastic surgeon, played by Kim Hee Sun, mysteriously meets a strange man dressed as a warrior from the Goryeo Dynasty, played by Lee Min Ho, claiming that he’s here to take her “back.” The series marks Lee Min Ho’s first sageuk (historical drama) since his debut and Kim Hee Sun’s return to the small screen in six years.

SBS will air the pilot episode of “Faith” on Monday, August 13, at 9:55PM KST.