Girls’ Generation’s Jessica Spotted Shopping

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica was recently spotted shopping at a local mall. On June 18, a video, titled “Jessica Visits Coming Step Store,” made its way onto several online communities. As shown in the video, Jessica is at a department store, looking through and trying on different clothes from the brand she endorses. Many netizens were drawn the star’s gorgeous side profile and her chic expressionless face while she glanced over the various clothes.

Jessica didn’t forget to wave and smile at the fans who dropped by to catch a glimpse of her. Netizens commented, “Jessica is so pretty,” “So chic,” “Even when she’s shopping, she looks like she’s shooting a spread,” “Gorjess,” and more.

Meanwhile, Jessica participated in a photoshoot for @star1 with fellow Girls’ Generation members Yuri, Sooyoung, and Seohyun. Check out the video of their photoshoot here!