Jo Kwon Reveals Wire-Flying Shots from New MV Set

2AM’s Jo Kwon revealed a few shots taken from his new MV set. On June 19, Jo Kwon tweeted three photos with the message, “I’m da one M/V filming set.. my first time flying on a wire.. It didn’t hurt as much as I thought but the pain slowly tightened… It was fun but we pulled all nighters for three straight days.”

In the photos, you can see Jo Kwon hanging high by the wires, wearing a white suit and what looks to be bleached hair. The fancy settings with a giant crown in the background give a hint at how large-scale his new MV is going to be. There also seems to be a lot of back dancers on the stage, making fans wonder if the new song will involve a lot of choreography.

Netizens commented, “Can’t wait for Jo Kwon’s solo album,” “Three straight all-nighters?” and “Where can I buy his new album?”

Jo Kwon is slated to release his very first solo album on June 25, featuring his title track, “I’m Da One.” Stay tuned for more news!