CN Blue’s Lee Jong Hyun is Charming and Unique for “Elle Girl”

CN Blue‘s Lee Jong Hyun displayed his unique charms through a recent photo spread.

The photo spread was for “Elle Girl” magazine with the concept of “It’s My Holiday.” Lee Jong Hyun gives off a playful but natural look, which some say matches his character Colin from “A Gentleman’s Dignity.” But he also shows a rebellious and tough image in some of the cuts as well.

As a member of CN Blue, Lee Jong Hyun made his first drama debut through “A Gentleman’s Dignity” and admitted, “After watching the first episode, I didn’t get much air time but it felt like I was watching it in slow motion,” expressing his excitement and nervousness.

He continued, “It’s an honor to be working with great senior actors, directors and writers. I am learning a lot. I will try to show you my best so please stay tuned.”

Lee Jong Hyun also spoke about living with his band mates. He said, “If we ever get upset with each other, we try to resolve it right away. Since my dongsengs are all so clean, I formed a habit of cleaning my room myself,” as he shared his gratitude toward his teammates.

This photo spread for “Elle Girl” can be found in the July edition.