Infinite’s Woohyun Complains That Baek Ji Young Didn’t Give Them Pocket Money

On the most recent episode of KBS “1:100.” Infinite‘s Woohyun surprised Baek Ji Young by confessing, “I was really disappointed by Baek Ji Young.” He explained, “Baek Ji Young gave other idol groups some pocket money, but not us.” Baek Ji Young quickly defended herself, claiming that Woohyun’s allegation is unfair

She explained, “After all the broadcasting schedule I had at the end of last year, it finally became the New Year’s day. All of sudden, all the idol groups started flooding into my room and giving me New Year’s bows. There were just so many of them that I think I gave some of them pocket money and forgot to do so to others.” Baek Ji Young added, “I won’t forget this year. I will give you some pocket money at the end of this year.”

Meanwhile on this episode of KBS “1:100”, Baek Ji Young was eliminated after the fourth stage.