Wonder Girls Sunye: “My Boyfriend Helps Me Out in Life Overall”

Sunye who is the leader of the Wonder Girls revealed that her boyfriend is somebody that helps out in all aspects of her life.

On June 19, the Wonder Girls revealed a lot about themselves at the “Wonder Girls Interview” which was held at the Imperial Palace Hotel. When asked about her boyfriend Sunye replied, “We are in a happy relationship. He is giving me help not only in music but in life overall. I’ve said this before on a broadcast but it is a different concept from dating when you are in your teens. This is such a happy event in my life, and also a thankful one at that.”

She continued, “Although one might think that it is a bit early, I think this is the right time. That is why I mustered up the courage to confess that I was in a relationship. Thank you so much. My boyfriend is Haiti but WIFI doesn’t work that well there. That is why we are having a difficult long distance relationship. (Laugh) We still use e-mail to keep in touch.”

On June 3 the Wonder Girls released their new single “Like This.”