Choi Min Sik to Appear in Upcoming Film “Myung Lyang” As General Yi Sun-sin?

The world renowned actor Choi Min Sik has a high chance of returning to the screen as Korea’s beloved general Yi Sun-sin in the upcoming film “Myung Lyang – Sea of Whirlwinds.” (General Yi Sun-sin is one of the most venerated heroes among Koreans today. He died at the Battle of Noryang on December 16, 1598. He received posthumous titles such as the “Duke of Loyalty and Warfare,” Prime Minister,” and “The Prince of the Court from Deokpung.”)

The film will be directed by Kim Han Min who has also directed the film, “Bow, the Ultimate Weapon.”

Choi Min Sik’s representative stated, “Internally we have not made any concerte plans. He is positively considering the role.”

A representative of the distribution company CJ Entertainment stated, “Choi Min Sik has indicated that he would appear in this film. If there are no other problems, he is going to join the film.